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Five years ago we planned five family vacations. We saved the best for last and y’all made our dream come true. The 12 days together have been fantastic. The snorkeling, evening games, gourmet meals and your company truly made our vacation the most memorable.

-Lawton L. Tallahassee, FL

Everything was perfect. What a special and memorable way to spend our birthdays AND to enjoy Matt’s. This trip was awesome, but you two made the trip. You were such fun. God bless you in your work, your play and your lives.

-Beth L. Tallahassee, FL

This Vacation was a blast. Thanks for teaching me to Scuba Dive

-Giles L.(age 16) Tallahassee, FL

Everything was so amazing! Food, Yum! I was so spoiled on this trip. The snorkeling was so much fun, but it couldn’t compare with the SCUBA diving. I’ll have memories forever.

-Callie Corbin L. (age 14) Tallahassee, FL

This was a perfect trip for our family. It really couldn’t have been any better. From the food to the snorkeling to the conversations to Little Nemo, we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. And, we thoroughly enjoyed you all. We were most impressed with your creative and delicious cooking.

-Terry, Steve, L and Family Arlington, VA

Many, many thanks for sharing your boat with us. You guys were the perfect hosts. I can’t tell you how many times during the week that Brian/Linda/Moni/Frank asked me, “How did you find these guys?” All I can say is, you made me look like a genius!

-Mark F. Bodega Bay, CA

It’s been such a pleasure and treat to spend this week with you. Lovely beaches, great weather, good wines, and divine food…what more could anyone want? Hope to see you again soon!

-Frank L. (Singapore) and Monika B.(Munch, Germany)

A great trip! The food was outstanding, great snorkeling, beaches and watersports. Thanks for sharing the BVI withour group. See you next year!

-Linda and Brian F. Needham, MA

It is very rare that I have a chance to do something like this and you guys exceeded all of my expectations. A great week with great food!

-Chip W. Atlanta, GA

We had an absolutely wonderful week. I was a little apprehensive about living on a sailboat for a week, but everything was so great-the boat, the itinerary, the food and you, that whatever concerns I had evaporated. I don’t know if another charter can ever measure up to this one! Thanks!

-George and Susan E. Pelham, NY

This was by far my best experience in the Virgin Islands. The trip was excellent. The diving spectacular. The Rhone in particular was simply stunning. I also want to thank you for the attention to my (special) diet. I was really concerned about eating here, but the food was outstanding and I could eat almost everything. Thank You.

-George Evans III Pelham, NY

Thank you both so much for taking such good care of us aboard Swish. This was truly the best vacation we have taken. We appreciate your wonderful hospitality and look forward to sharing another adventure in the future. Thank You! PS. Thanks for all the Banana Swish!

-Jen and Chris H. Flowermound, TX

What a great vacation! Thanks to both of you for making this so awesome. I never would have dreamed it would be this much fun!

-Shelly & Corey C. Flowermound, TX

The boat was wonderful, the food divine, the views breathtaking, but most of all it was the crew-they were beautiful-a wonderful couple. We couldn’t have asked more out of a vacation. In fact…it has topped all of our previous vacations and our dreams. Never in our lives have we eaten such wonderful food. We have not only gained a new and great life experience, but two new friends.

-Reed and Tasha H., Austin, TX

Thanks for a wonderful week (again) aboard Swish. I had a great time as usual. The food was amazing…I probably gained 10 pounds, but I have the rest of the summer to work it off. I am already starting the countdown until next years NYYC Cruise so that we can board Swish, again (359 days to go).

-Chase E. Weston, MA.

Another wonderful memorable week-one that we shall all share memories forever! From the starting line to the finish-you created some fantastic sails for all of us-not to mention the delicious and never ending fantastic meals…and Scrabble games.

-Carol and Brendan S. Bristol, RI

Once again a wonderful and relaxing week; so much fun with such special people…delicious food and drink. It’s like coming home.

-Noel and Mark E. Weston, MA

Too much fun-just a fab family getaway-can’t wait to do it again.

-David C. Millbrook, NY

We must have done something right in our lives to have been matched with you and Swish. We all felt so relaxed and comfortable. The food was fabulous, the chosen anchorages and dive/snorkel sites were great…so you were successful in making us want to stay another 2 weeks! The best part was your smiles and attitudes

-Peggy and Tom N. Colorado Springs, CO

Thank you in the most prodigious way for your culinary enthusiasm, conspiratorial charm, nautical historical anecdotes, intense sailing instruction, and encouragement in the musical shellfish category (conch blowing). The…alchemy of your marriage creates a magic that surrounded us while we were with you.

-Hank F., Mesa AZ

What a fantastic voyage we had with the two of you! The food, diving, snorkeling, and fishing were great…but most importantly the camaraderie! Thanks so much for our lifetime memory!

-Sally T., Scottsdale, AZ

Your patience and tolerance of our tribe was much APPRECIATED. The trip exceeded our expectations and gave us the time we wanted to be together as a family. Hope to see you again.

-Gregg T. Scottsdale AZ

Sailing through the BVI’s with you guys was an absolute blast. We all seemed to be enjoying ourselves from sunrise through moonlight. Thanks for making this week a very special one for us all to enjoy forever.

-Taylor T. (age 17), Scottsdale, AZ

I enjoyed every second on board Swish. Thanks for your time and efforts.

-Conner T. (age 15), Scottsdale, AZ

Coming from high-north Norway, we were all looking forward to sun, beaches, warm water, tanning, palm trees, and some cold drinks. But, we got much more. A beautiful and well run catamaran, lots of fun sailing, diving, and snorkeling, nice spots visited, FANTASTIC food, but even more important, the perfect hosts. It was the most enjoyable 7 days we ever had…

-Axel & Tone L., Oslo, Norway

Great Food, beautiful places, amazing swimming and diving, AWSOME cocktails and drinks, = Perfect Holiday

-Michael B, Oslo Norway

What else could I say than that this has been the perfect vacation!!! A week on Swish is a week in heaven… (I must say, you have some interesting floating bars down here!)

-James L., San Francisco, CA

Your attentiveness, humor, warmth and “the food” was Wonderful.

-Tom P., East Hampton, CT

“It’s a Wonderful Life” for a week. I feel we have made two friends that I hope to meet again, after I lose the pounds I gained with the great food.

-Susan P., East Hampton, CT

We thoroughly enjoyed this dream vacation. The food was fabulous, the sailing superb. But what truly was the highlight was meeting you both-“The Captain” and “The Admiral”. You both made us feel very at home. Your attention and care of our every moment here is sincerely appreciated and beyond our expectations. From the sailing to the knowledge of the BVI’s, to the culinary delights, Matt’s mixology and even Catherine’s jokes…all made for one of our most memorable vacations. I hope that we will meet again soon. You are always welcome in our home.

-Carol and Steve G., East Hampton, CT

This was my first vacation ever where I could turn off my brain. What pure relaxation not to make a single decision and not to have to worry whether my kids were about to “kill” themselves as you two had everything under control!!
I was disappointed in the food…because it was so delicious I ate way more than I wanted to! Doug, the four kids and I will carry the warm sun, blue skies and friendly breezes back to chilly London and will carry your generosity and friendship in our hearts for a lifetime. Come see us soon!

- Kerri & Doug H., London, England

I really liked this trip. It was awesome….You guys helped me to my every need…

-Tegan H, (age 12) London, England

I loved this vacation it was a blast. You also made awesome dinners. If I could I would go again. We will miss you.

-Riley H. (age 8), London, England

The food was awesome and all the water activities like sailing, tubing, swimming, and snorkeling were really fun. Even when it became dark at night, you still provided us with movies, music, books, games, and much more to do! I was never bored, which is weird, cuz I am bored a lot in London. All the islands were great and so was the weather…

-Micaela H. (age 13), London, England

What can I say, you guys are the best!!! Thank you so much for everything. The kids had a great time and so did I. Sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving…too much fun to list it all. The time flew by and we have to leave. See you next year for sure!

-Sean D., Peacedale, RI

What a fabulous return to Swish. The kids had a truly great vacation. The weather, the food, the itinerary and camaraderie were simply the best. Snorkeling with a whale shark then sailing with humpbacks was incredible and will help make this trip one not to forget.

-David C., Millbrook, NY

This trip blew the last one out of the water. The weather was great… and we even swam with a 25’ whale shark. Thanks for the great time.

-Mav C. (age 15), Millbrook, NY

Sailing with you guys was the perfect way to see the BVI’s. The whale shark was so amazing. Thank you Matt for teaching me how to water-ski. I finally know how!

-Serena S., Beverly Farms, MA

I had an amazing time swimming, snorkeling, and hanging out with you guys. Learning poker was so fun. You guys are spectacular. This was a perfect vacation.

-Paige C. (age 14), Millbrook, NY

This was the ultimate vacation. I had a great time. The food was great and delicious. Thank you so much for the experience.

-Dan H. (age 16) Bermuda

Thanks for making a novice diver very comfortable in the water.  Thanks for the great food...great accommodations (very private).  This was the 3rd time chartering in the BVI's and it was the best yet.

- Neil G., Chicago, IL


Thanks for a wonderful vacation. The meals were all excellent!  The diving, snorkeling, were colorful and interesting.  We all felt relaxed and home away from home.  You both excel at making your guests feel that way.  Thank You!  We hope to make a repeat appearance.  Maybe out east?!  Thanks for a superb vacation!

- Kathy and Larry K.  Chicago, IL


Everything was super.  I loved my cooking lessons and certainly the demonstrations.  Snorkeling was great for me.  If I would have known that Catherine would take such good care of the divers, I would have gotten certified beforehand.  Looking forward to coming back again next year.

- Sharon G., Chicago, IL

A marvelous sail from Bequia to Antigua, Picnics at the Pitons, holy water (champagne) on Ile de Saintes ...and (too soon) arrival in Antigua.  Throughout, wonderful food and wine, water sports, and lots of rum. Hard to imagine how it could have been better. Going home to Yorkshire will not be easy. 

- R. Reynolds Yorkshire England

Thank you so much, a truly wonderful experience. Everything I could have hoped for and more! I hope to join you on one of your trips from Rhode Island one day soon.  

- S. Reynolds, London England


What a wonderful time. You guys are super! We shall always treasure the trip, the food and the tips. We especially liked the rainbow Matt ordered. The fish were elusive but beautiful in color. Watching you guys while hard at work and as a team (and may that always be!) was a treat.

Bill and Irene L., Bolder Colorado


Spontaneity and Swish are synonymous. Our every wish was either anticipated or fulfilled. From our late booking and revised and re-revised trip plan, Swish responded. The crew, food and amenities were more than we could have hoped for. I would like to thank Matt and Catherine for making this first sailing trip so wonderful, which will lead to many more to come.

- Buck and Amy W., Bolder Colorado


Hey Guys! Thanks so much for the great trip! I had so much fun. I loved the tubing and the tubing........ No seriously, I loved it all. Seeing all of the islands was so cool and the snorkeling was beautiful. Thanks so much Jelly Man and Blue! I had so many great laughs and the food was great.......Sorry I am so picky.

- Alexandra F. (age 13), New York


What a great week! Food, fun, and rum. It is always a pleasure to sail on Swish with Matt and Catherine.  Looking forward to our next voyage to another paradise. It was too short.

- David F., New York

We had a wonderful time! You were so great with our family. You were superb hosts. You can tell that you two are at peace. Everyone should have an opportunity to live their passion. Thank you so much for doing the extra little things to make our vacation special! It will be a lasting memory for us.

- David & Susie S., St. Louis, MO

Thank you so very much for "Swishing" with us. Incredible food, double rainbows over Peter Island and so much sophisticated company to boot made our day perfect. We decided that Matt and Catherine's paradigm for life is where we should be. We'll return home with a lot of positive energy. Thank you for sharing you dream with us.

- The Proctor's, New York

What a fantastic time! You went the extra distance to make it great for us. Many thanks! I think you two have a winning combination.

- Rupert B., London England

Thank you so much for such a great vacation! We loved everything, especially the food! The tubing and wakeboarding was the best! We've never had so much fun! Our favorite food was the chicken Caesar wrap. You guys knew the best places for snorkeling. From what I saw the diving was great too. I really hope we can do this again next year. Have smooth sailing! Thanks for the great time. Swish you were here!

- Tess W. (age 13)


Thanks for the grand time! Catherine- thanks for helping me overcome my fear of SCUBA

- Martha G., Austin, Texas

A truly unique experience- once in a lifetime and one I will remember fondly. The food was extraordinarily good, great even.

- Phillp S., Austin, Texas

I sure had a great time aboard SV Swish. Too bad it had to end so soon! I'll never forget my first diving experiences and all the wonderful times we had on the boat. The food was excellent and I really enjoyed getting to know both of you as well. Look out for some sharks for me and keep making those drinks!

- Andy R. San Francisco, CA

What a wonderful time we all had! Your service and hospitality were extraordinary. Thanks so much for accommodating my veganism. I thought I'd lose weight on the charter, but instead I'm sure I gained a few pounds. Everyone got along well and ya'll really facilitated that. Thanks for everything.

- John M., Austin, Texas

Captain Matt and "Captain of the world" Catherine, Thanks for a wonderful week! We have had memorable days- a really fantastic holiday that we shall not forget. The kids are begging for two weeks next time- get some rest beforehand!! Hope to be back soon!

- The Marguilles Family, Antwerp, Belgium

Thank you so much for everything! This trip has been above and beyond anything that I could have hoped for. You have made this trip wonderful and we will never forget all that you have done.

- Maddy M., St. Paul, MN

This past week has been amaz-Ting! (see now I'm saying it!) You both have made everything really fun (except for feeding the fish around Maddy & I while we snorkeled!!!). Thanks again for everything!

- Jori M., St. Paul, MN

Thank you for a wonderful week! Every"Ting" we did was the best ever. Our Caribbean adventure will be long remembered.

- David M., St. Paul, MN

As always Matt, you outdid yourself. And Catherine outdid you! Thank you so much for the hospitality and entertainment. It's been a beautiful week here in heaven.

- Zod &  Lezel M., Galveston, Texas

Thanks for a great experience. Sag Harbor was a perfect home base. We appreciate your patience in accommodating our schedule - combining a horse show with sailing and fishing was unique. All the family had a terrific time. Especially, thanks for being so kind to Hank (14). I believe he will be a boater and fisherman for life. The food and company was also excellent. We wish you good luck and beautiful sailing.

- George H., Santa Barbara, CA





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